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Hi Folks,

Welcome to the RKCC and RKCA website! This website is here to help you in any way I can, with regards to Randall knife collecting, ordering or other information. I hope you feel free to email me at any time at: should you have any questions.

The Randall Knife Collectors Club was founded at the request of many Randall knife collectors, hobbyists, enthusiasts and purveyors who expressed an interest in a club for their shared interests. The RKCC will (hopefully) fill that need. Through interactive correspondence, the RKCC club newsletter, KNIFE KNEWS, and annual meetings held at the International Blade Show in Atlanta I hope everyone will gain knowledge and meet new friends in the Randall knife community.

The Randall knife shop has thrown their support behind this club and I am eternally grateful. Thank you Gary, Jason and Michael Randall. Also a huge thanks to Scott Maynard, Randall's shop supervisor and Jed Peckham, the Randall shop production foreman for their support and friendship. All of these great people will help make my job much easier.

My close friend (and Randall's authorized knife authenticator) Perry Miller is also on board. Perry's vast knowledge will be shown to be of value to all of our club members. There are a dozen other sources who have generously given of their time and themselves for the RKCC. These contributing editors will be proudly listed in the KNIFE NEWS each and every issue.

The KNIFE KNEWS will be a tri-annual publication, complete with interesting stories, photos and historically significant articles. You folks, as members of the RKCC will have the option to place a classified ad in the newsletter if you wish. Even though many of us have arrived into the computer age, there is still a nice warm feeling about receiving a small publication to help you feed your Randall collecting habit. I hope you enjoy the meal!

The RKCA (Randall Knife Collectors Association) is geared more towards 2 other goals of the RKCC. Both are ever so important. I hope you will support these causes as well.

  • First: To provide items for members of our troops, via the Troops Treasury. One wounded soldier, Sgt. Brian Anderson, has already received a Randall Sergeants model after his release from Brook Army Medical Hospital in Texas. It was presented to him by his outfit upon their return from Afghanistan. Sgt. Anderson was one very proud and happy man!
  • Second: The RKCA will try and find ways to introduce our next generation to the Randall knife collecting hobby we all share our love for and our passion. Without a younger generation to pass our knowledge on and along to, we cannot expect this hobby to grow. Hopefully, through your help, we will achieve this goal.

I, once again, welcome all of you and hope you'll stick around and visit often. See ya'll on the road  somewhere I certainly hope!

Stay Sharp,

Captain Chris Stanaback
Founder: RKCC / RKCA