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The Randall Knife Collectors Association was founded to be a separate portion of the RKCC (Randall Knife Collectors Club). The purpose of the RKCA is two-fold, both purposes well deserving of attention and consideration.

 First and foremost is the RKCA "Troops Treasury”. The "TT” funds various projects to help and serve those who help and serve us, the "Troops on the ground”. Various projects have and are being considered for this worthwhile cause and member’s input is always encouraged. The "TT” has made and is in the process of making Randall knives for individual service personnel who have been nominated to the RKCA by their fellow brothers in arms. To be able to assist these men and women and provide them with the best knife they will ever need for their day to day tasks is our only goal and only thanks needed. Without these brave individuals our very freedom would be in jeopardy.

 Steps are also being taken to provide provisions to units deployed in harms way. To be able to deliver some goods that these units are in need of, and cannot acquire while in country, is our goal. The names and stations may change but the end result will always be the same: to supply these units and make their tour safer, better and more comfortable.
 The second goal of the RKCA involves our youth. To travel all over the country and see the faces of the Randall (and other ) knife collector is rewarding. Those faces, however, have become more aged in recent decades. Without instructing and introducing our youth to this wonderful hobby of knife collecting we cannot expect to grow as a club. Our love of knives, especially the Randall knife, will cease to exist without some younger generation for us to pass it on to, in the hopes they will do the same.

 By providing information and "hands on” visual aids to clubs such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts the RKCA can assure a bright future for our youth and our passion for the knife. Also finding various youth organizations, church groups and any other youth group is key to the success of the hobby.
 Please sign up, make a donation and actively involve yourself in one or more of these efforts of the RKCA. Your input is not only needed but thankfully accepted. Thanks for your support!
Captain Chris Stanaback
Founder: RKCC & RKCA